Who is haley dating on american idol

Dina Lapolt told TMZ Reinhart was assaulted by the bouncers and plans to take legal action against Lamplighter Inn and its staff."After forcefully removing (Haley) they violently beat her friend, who sustained multiple injuries.The 26-year-old Haley Reinhart was out with group at the local establishment when they allegedly knocked over a table and were asked to leave by security staff at the Lamplighter Inn.The group was being lead out of the bar when Reinhart started to argue with the security staff, according to People.She served as a lifeguard for four years prior to auditioning for American Idol at the Family Aquatic Center, a waterpark at the Wheeling Park District, Reinhart first auditioned for the ninth season of American Idol but didn’t advance to the Hollywood round.However, she returned for the tenth season and was selected by judges to be a semi-finalist after her Hollywood solo performance and later advanced into Top 12 finalists.She was born unto a family of musicians that did cover songs of the famous Rock songs from the 60s and 70s.

Dina La Polt, Reinhart's attorney, denied the allegations Monday night.Haley started singing at the age of 8 and played guitar at home with her mother.Ever since middle school, Reinhart had planned on auditioning for American Idol. Reinhart then joined Harper College in Illinois where she studied jazz music and was associated with the Jazz Ensemble and the Jazz Lab.Haley has one sister, Angela, who is five years younger than her.Angela is a songwriter and musician and primarily performs indie folk music.

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