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(It was a legit move, and one suggested by Hume.) Ingredients acquired, it was time to cook.The 90-minute cook time was far too short for a properly braised pork, but Hume had John immediately browning slices of the tenderloin while she fired up the rice cooker.“The distillery sits on the mezzanine above the tasting room, and can make anything a good bartender needs for a world-class bar.” For starters, that means the Family Jones label vodka, gin, rum, bourbon, and rye, across two tiers.The well brand includes vodka and gin made from purchased neutral spirit, processed by Masters with Colorado water.Each team delivered their carefully plated dishes to the front of the room, explaining each item and its ingredients while Hume and her fellow advisers looked on.This was a cooking class for the confident but curious, and as the judges sampled our wares we decamped to the upstairs dining area to do the same.He’s even more excited about the high-end gin, dubbed Juniper Jones, for which he’s still working out a formula (it should be available in the next six months or so).“Juniper Jones is going to be special,” Masters says. How is the Family Jones opening with aged brown spirits, you might wonder?

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By the end of the night we were happily full and exhaling with the satisfaction of a hard-fought battle. The rules required it be incorporated into an appetizer and entrée.Then, three teams of six couples (or pairs of friends) drew randomly to assign the protein for their main dish — chicken, pork tenderloin or steelhead trout. John almost instantly recalled one of our favorite to-go meals, the Cuban pork and black beans that appears occasionally, gloriously, in the prepared-foods section at Marczyk Fine Foods, which features thinly sliced oranges on top.What we learned was light on basic-cooking skills and heavy on entertainment value, but we nonetheless discovered we could whip up a fun, tasty meal on short notice — with some knowledgeable help, of course. Stir Cooking School Adult and children’s cooking classes for all skill levels, from knife handling and sushi-making to baking, cocktails, date nights and vegetarian fare.

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