Sex chatterbots

Fue desarrollado para que entienda el lenguaje coloquial que utilizan los adolescentes en el chat y las redes sociales, lo que incentiva a los jóvenes a que se animen a preguntar sin inhibiciones ni tabúes.

The chatbot Bieber Buddy is launched to promote Justin Bieber’s “My World Tour” in Australia.

In addition, the bot may provide fake information about itself in attempt to lure the target into physical meetings.

John Carr, a specialist in online child safety, expressed his concern to BBC over the legality of this undercover investigation.

The university researchers used information provided by anti-pedophilia activist organization Perverted-Justice, including examples of online encounters and conversations with sexual predators, to supplement the program's artificial intelligence system.

The chatterbot takes the guise of a naive and vulnerable 14-year-old girl.

The bot's programmers used methods of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to create a conversational agent fluent in typical teenage slang, misspellings, and knowledge of pop culture.

Through these linguistic features, the bot is able to mimic the conversational style of young teenagers.

Once a user elicits conversation, the bot will frame the conversation in such a way that keeps the target engaged, extracting personal information and discouraging it from leaving the chat.De esta manera, se genera un ambiente de confianza entre el emisor y el receptor.La prioridad es transmitir la información con claridad y precisión.Their main objective was to create a chatterbot with the ability to trap online predators that posed a threat to children.They intended to deploy the bot into sites frequented by predators such as social networks and chatrooms.

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