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Without naming Croft specifically, she appeared smitten with her future fiancée.

“The only love story that I know, inside out, is my own one and for me it's the greatest love story—unexpected and magical. Later that month, they head to South America for performances at Lollapalooza Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Oliver Sim stayed at home in London during this period, he told Pitchfork, where he struggled with self-doubt and the realization he was “reaching an age where being the drunkest person in the room isn’t charming anymore”: “I was going out a lot with the excuse that I was celebrating—‘celebrating’—the past few years.” He curls his fingers and raises his eyebrows. Some friends had started to mellow a bit, and I didn’t want to.” He feared responsibility and accountability.

“And with alcohol, like a lot of things, it’s all or nothing for me.

I've always been incredibly sensitive and emotional, but it wasn't until my current relationship that I realized these are my strengths, and I found someone that is equally so.” News of the engagement comes as The xx is gearing up for the release of its third studio album, debut, performing “On Hold” and another new song, “I Dare You,” inside legendary Studio 8H. 8 in Stockholm and returns home for a run of mostly sold-out dates in the U. So far, no North American dates have been announced.

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In an interview with the British fashion magazine , Marshall was asked what she considers the greatest love story of all time.

Don't worry, we're not going to say we told you so...

Wedding bells are ringing for one of The xx’s co-lead singers.

All three members of The xx might be introverted and shy on the surface, but really they're scorching hot musicians and their instruments are their weapons. Well just sit back, watch, and take careful note of how his hips sway when the beat drops: So we know, you're totally infatuated with Oliver Sim now.

I'd talk about both of them but I'm a gal, so naturally, Oliver Sim was the one who had me swooning when I caught the group at Coachella earlier this year. Remember at the beginning of this article and you were super confused?

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