Role of elections in consolidating democracy are darren criss and evanna lynch dating

Frankly, like many of its African counterparts, Ghana is ethnically and religiously polarized, and this find considerable expression in the country’s national politics.Whereas the governing NPP has its traditional support base among the Akan people who constitute the biggest ethnic bloc in the country, the opposition NDC has its support base largely spread out among the rest of the ethnic groups in the country.

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However, a more substantive case can be made for Ghana’s consolidated democracy.In 2016, national elections in many African states produced mixed results.Two examples will suffice to put this point in perspective.In Cape Verde, the opposition, Movement for Democracy (Mp D), won landslide victory in the parliamentary election that was held in March, after almost fifteen years in the minority.However, Ghana’s story is somewhat different from the foregoing narratives in important respects.

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