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They later appear in the episode "Out of the Past," where the Morlocks are captured by Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers and she unleashes an alien.The X-Men saved the Morlocks and defeated the alien.

But, for some reason Cyclops, Mystique, and Avalanche aren't a part of The Mutant Resistance.Hepzibah, Raza Longknife, Ch'od, and Cr eee were the Starjammers that appeared along with Corsair in the "Phoenix Saga." Corsair later appeared in the episode "Orphan's End." In this episode, Corsair is on the run from a corrupt Shi'ar police officer, and he comes to Earth. They first accuse Storm of being a traitor and attack her, but after she explains to the Starjammers what was happening they help Cyclops and Corsair defeat the officer.The Acolytes appear in the "Sanctuary" storyline, in which Magneto builds Asteroid M as a safe haven for all mutants to live away from the hatred of baseline humans.The group is led by Mystique, with the Blob, Avalanche, and Pyro as members of the group, and Rogue being shown as a former member.The group is revealed to have been initially financed by the mutant Apocalypse, though only Mystique knew this.

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