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The second way to understand this curse of desire is in the context of rule.Adam was created to rule: to exercise dominion over the creation and to be the head of the woman (see 1 Cor. But now the woman will strive against male rule and manipulate to gain control." (p.I would love to give this book a better review because it did make some very valid points and offered some practical advice...which I seem to have forgotten while seething over a few other points.

The Phillips have some valid and good things to say when they speak in broad brush strokes, but as they delve into specifics, they begin to provide extra-biblical "wisdom" to Christian singles.(If you read it that way, you'd also have to conclude Genesis is God telling Satan that it's good and morally okay for him to attack Jesus! But they try to convince us that the real curse is woman ruling over man.Of course, not everything in this book is unbiblical. But I wouldn't recommend the book to anyone; there is too much chaff to sort through to make it a worthwhile read.The girl I refer to is now my wife: Richard and Sharon Phillips have the experience and, more importantly, the biblical knowledge necessary to deal with the sensitive topic they cover in Holding Hands, Holding Hearts: Recovering a Biblical View of Christian Dating.Their words are aimed at single young adults, not teenagers.

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