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So you had to get bonded and it was a lot of credentials to go into it. They knew people and set me up doing, you know, travel for other companies.

By 2000, I had about million of corporate accounts. So I hardly left my, you know, office, running from my home with my children.

So you can really focus on the actual conversation and go to the site later to get the details.

So you can visit\tac and click on episode four to find the show notes.

And we’re talking in the early ’90s, before there was any kind of commission cap with airline tickets, and before agencies even had to use computers really.

So, clients were coming in and they didn’t have computers.

So we had these systems that were hooked up to like Worldspan and Apollo, Amadeus, Galileo, a Sabre, and you had to get trained.

Our podcast picks up where we left off, digging into the goldmine of Jennifer’s 26 years of travel industry experience to discover pointers on how to build a successful brand, expanding her niche to include destination weddings and honeymoons and other marketing gems.

How exactly did Jennifer go from a home-based Disney agency to an award-winning storefront with nine employees? Steph: You’re listening to “Travel Agent Chatter,” Volume Four.

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