Katherine moennig and ian somerhalder dating is zooey deschanel dating joseph gordon levitt

Moennig couldn't necessarily say what "L Word" fans would perhaps like about the show. And it's such beautiful storytelling with complex characters," she stated."I think it's — I really believe it's the quality of television that seems to be making its mark these days.I thinkthey enjoy traveling through and visiting Texas where it's moreprivate for them to hang out party or relax. Can we conclude from Jennifer Beal's statement that Kate Moennig is an out lesbian too? She is in a relationship with LGBT short film actressentertainer and songwriter Emerald Alva. Emerald is a Mormonmember of the LDS Church that lived with a child actor and artisticdirector from the 1976 film Bad News Bears Kate is Kate. I wish them and hope they will be able to keep their livesprivate away from the public's eye. Katherine Moennig refuses to discuss her sexual orientation withthe press or public. They have been seentogether in Los Angeles New York and Texas since October 2008.

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I met them at a birthdaydinner party and they seemed really nice.

I think you for allowing meto share my personal thoughts views and insight on this site thankyou! The Advocate January 31, 2006 issueasked Jennifer, "Do people still assume that you have to be alesbian to play one on TV? I am sure she is saying she is not, but shedoesn't label herself as anything.

Love doesn't have a sex, so whymust people be labeled as something that they don't classiythemselves as? In 2007 there was an LWord workshop held in the FACT cinema in Liverpool presented by LWord director Rose Troche for the Liverpool Homotopia gay festival. "im not a lesbian", you don't just refuse to "talk" aboutit!

She was asked in Q&A who was a lesbian out of the cast to whichshe replied something like 'well, there's Leisha, and Kate..'.

Atour shock, she replied saying something along the lines of 'oh,didn't you know that?

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