Is anna popplewell dating who is denyce lawton dating

He shrugs, mumbles something about being glad it's over, and she places her hands on his waist. He tells her how incredible it was to work with such an amazing actress in his first proper film, and she laughs at him."Oh, you are sweet," she smiles, shaking her head. He has no idea what he's even saying, because all he can think about is the fact that they're alone in a hotel room together, sitting on a bed. He doesn't even know why, maybe just because she's so amazing, and knowing that she's thinking of him that way has made his brain stop working. He doesn't even understand right away, all he knows is that when Ben's around he can't stop talking, and he gets all shaky and clumsy and, well, throws orange juice everywhere.He grins nervously as she pulls him into a hug, arms around his neck, and he wraps his arms around her too, dimly aware of the flashing cameras still nearby and hoping -- though he's not sure why -- that they're not catching this."Would you like to come back to my hotel room, later? Maybe she was right about him only having one thing on his mind. She seems a little bit stunned for a moment, but then begins to kiss back. She pulls back and answers it, and it doesn't take him long to realise she's speaking to her husband. "We never speak of it again."He nods, wishing he could be as cool about this as she is."You can go, if you like," she says, and he does. And Ben doesn't even seem to mind, it's like he finds it charming (well, not the orange juice bit -- he was pretty pissed off about that) and he's all smiles and jokes and casual touches until Will thinks he's really going to lose his mind.His first thoughts, actually, are of headlines and rumours -- imagine if he and Anna did this!-- but then he feels her wedding ring pressing into his finger and he relaxes. He's never really enjoyed these things -- though they're not as bad as interviews -- and he'd told her so beforehand. Boys -- only one thing on their minds."They sip tea in her hotel room later, talking a little awkwardly about their only real common ground. I'm just a person who occasionally gets asked to be in films."He talks a bit more, babbling really. Instead, he just lunges forward, wrapping his arms around her and pressing his lips to hers as if he's done it a hundred times before. Ben When Will meets Ben, he falls harder for him than he has for anyone in his whole life, and it confuses the hell out of him.He just wishes they could have realised that they weren't meant to be a couple without having to 'try it and see', even if it did only last an evening.That one evening really wasn't worth losing her for two whole months. Tilda He's never really quite worked out how he feels about Tilda.Will can tell she's trying to make it sound casual, but there's a quiver in her voice that says otherwise. He loves her, the same way he loves all of his best friends. And then there followed a week or two of awkwardly holding hands in the playground while people gossiped about it, and then it was over. Maybe he's supposed to kiss her and she's supposed to kiss him back, and they're supposed to start dating.

When he turns around and kisses her, their teeth clack because she's caught off guard, but after a moment they figure things out, and then it's really rather nice actually. He gets the impression that her parents are mad at him, like they think he broke her heart, which is ridiculous.She sort of sighs and presses against him, and that's when her Mum walks in. But when all the promotion for the movie starts up, things get better.After what feels like about an hour of discussion with Anna's overjoyed parents about 'where this relationship is going' and 'what they should tell the press', Will decides this is really not going to be all right after all."I'm sorry," he says, standing on her doorstep later. They're sort of forced to spend time together, after all, and after a while the awkwardness subsides and they manage to get over it, acting like nothing ever happened. He knows, now, that he never liked her in that way, and he's quite sure she would agree.Like when she holds his hand at the British Independent Film Awards.She just reaches out and laces her fingers through his like it's the most casual gesture in the world, holding his hand tightly as they walk down the red carpet.

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