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Safety measures and available resources are identified.Classes are conducted monthly and available upon request.An updated Commander’s Reference Guide is provided. Provided to mandated reporters (Child and Youth Services, medical, and law enforcement personnel) and community agencies on the identification, reporting, and treatment of spouse and child abuse; the referral process; available programs, services, and resources; and the prevention of family violence.Training designed to provide the civilian workforce with an overview of the dynamics of domestic violence and how it affects the workplace.

He was once again the subject of controversy after he kicked Ricci in the groin and continued to attack despite Ricci's obvious pain and his attempts to wave Smith off.A presentation of available community programs, services, resources, Transitional Compensation Program, and the referral process is included. Provides commanders with a mechanism through which education, training, and referral procedures can be established in their units to promote sound decision-making skills, increased knowledge on family stressors, the prevention of family violence, and a constant information flow of rehabilitation efforts.Each battalion-sized element is assigned a Family Advocacy Specialist. An on-site presentation for commanders at all levels that provides an overview of the FAP; update of program initiatives; identification of command support required; trends/status of training and treatment mandates; prevention programs/services/resources; and review of the reporting/referral process.Workshops are conducted the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, 9 4 p.m., Oveta Culp Hobby Soldier and Family Readiness Center, Building 18000. Designed to equip couples with information, resources, strategies, and skills to identify problematic marital stressors, recognize danger signs, improve communication, manage anger and utilize effective conflict resolution techniques that will promote the building and maintenance of healthy relationships.

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