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Use introspection to help guide you through moments of hardships.

If you don't, life will run you over and your soul will become stuck.

For others, it is what keeps them going, knowing that there is more to life than what we can taste, can hear and can feel in our physical bodies. The soul can be a feeling, a thought and an action that separate from the physical state of the body.

Sometimes this is included in our individual journey If you are always acting like someone else or aspiring to be someone else, you will never find your own identity.Discover your soul's purpose while embarking on a journey that is inspiring and everlasting. Researchers believe that 95 percent of what goes on in the mind is subconscious.About 5 percent of our thoughts are actually conscious thoughts.When can finally slow down, we can hear our inner voice clearer and louder.To know what your soul's purpose is on earth, you need to uncover what your talents and giftings are.

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