Dating bi metal british cap badges

Battle Dress in the UK = Khaki wool uniform introduced in 1937 and worn through to the late 1960s Battle Dress Uniform in the US = Cotton/Nylon camouflage uniform introduced in the 1970s and still worn. If you are going to buy British insignia, it makes sound sense to invest in some reference books - otherwise you could waste a lot of time, effort and money.The main ones we use are listed on our Recommended Reference Books page.Given that King George VI died in 1952, it stands to reason that King's Crown Staybrite insignia is quite rare.It is almost impossible to repair scratched or broken A/A insignia.Some units have a different range of sizes, such as for for cuffs.We used to annotate these as 'Very-Large', 'Large-Medium' or 'Medium-Small', but for greater accuracy, we now use diameter sizes in millimetres.Damaged A/A badges have very little value and we only deal in pristine A/A insignia unless it is extremely rare.

Officers' buttons are often made to a higher specification, often gilt, and sometimes 'mounted'.

The code numbers refer to King & Kipling book numbers.

This introduction is aimed at people with little or no knowledge of collecting British military insignia.

Black-painted badges are only worn on field exercises or operations - not in barracks.

Some people are quite happy with heavily worn or broken badges, believing them to carry an aura of authenticity.

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