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Derby figures can be identified by three unglazed patches on the base, and earlier glazed figures often have a dry edge.Early examples were some of the finest ever modelled in Britain.A vintage set of twelve fine Royal Crown Derby salad plates in the “Princess” pattern (1965 – 1978).The pattern features a fuchsia and gold scrolling foliate border, and slightly scalloped gilt edge detail.The factory brought industry to the small town of Derby and helped the town prosper.As the companys figurines and dinnerware became popular throughout Europe, the Chelsea Works began attracting some of the most skilled artists of the day.

The Royal Crown Derby porcelain company is a privately owned limited company.In the 1770s Derby pioneered the use of unglazed biscuit models in Britain.William Duesbury, initially an outside decorator for the factory, took over as director in 1756, producing pieces in quite open imitation of meissen porcelain.Using the key below it is possible to date a particular paperweight accurately.It should be noted that sometimes the numerals may indicate that a paperweight was produced after it was retired.

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