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Numerous empirical studies examine investment advisory services and find statistically significant abnormal returns around publication or broadcast of investment recommendations.

From Jim Cramer's Mad Money broadcast, the opportunity is presented to examine another source of investment recommendations through his Lightning Round segment.

He assured us he would be watching Burnett's new show.

The party attracted a number of television bold-faced names including Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper (he passed on the food tray), Joy Behar, Burnett's old co-worker Jim Cramer, (sort of inexplicably) Judy Miller, Ali Velshi, Jeffrey Toobin, Contessa Brewer (fear not Brewer fans it doesn't sound like TV has heard the last of her!

He knows the league history and he knows that the Lakers are an international brand.

You can download transactions for these Vanguard account types: Note: Once the accounts are configured, your Quicken 2014 or higher software will automatically retrieve your most recent transactions for each account.

Return to top Note: Vanguard provides price information during a transaction download; however, Quicken may override our information with quotes it receives internally.

His standout cases include: Jim also has extensive appellate experience and has argued several times before the New York Appellate Division, achieving favorable decisions that have shaped asbestos litigation.

There was a time not that many years ago when media parties featuring open bars and endless h'ors dourves trays were quite common.

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