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A nest of perfectly preserved dinosaur eggs have been discovered under a construction site in China.Up to 30 fossolised eggs were found by construction workers on Christmas Day in the city of Ganzhou, which is known in China as the 'hometown of dinosaurs', according to Chinese state media.My prayers are never about reversing or even improving my mother’s condition because it is simply too late.She is entering the latter stages of dementia and has already lost so much cognitive ability.Oviraptors were small, feathered dinosaurs living in an area covering modern Mongolia and Mainland China.They were thought to walk on two legs and had parrot-like beaks and shared another characteristic with modern birds - they brooded clutches of eggs at a temperature similar to chickens.

While Mummy may not have major physical ailments, there is no doubt that she is suffering terrible mental anguish.

Archaeologists said the incredible eggs were about 130 million years old.

The giant eggs were discovered on December 25 in Ganzhou's Dayu County under the construction site of a middle school, reported People's Daily Online.

Even with all the research and focus on Alzheimer’s, there is no cure and not even effective treatment or drugs that will slow the progression of this elusive disease.

Instead of a magical cure, I pray for an end to my mother’s life. Ironically, Mummy, as her family often calls her, is in remarkable physical health.

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